Africa Accelerating 2021: October 26 - 29

Toward A Double-Digit Growth Recovery 
Africa Accelerating is the three-day annual flagship event of The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business. Last year’s themes covered Day 1: Agriculture; Day 2: Natural Resource Development, and Day 3: Technology (Leapfrogging and leading). Full details here.
In addition to our VIP in-person socially distanced venues in Canada and Africa, our virtual participation program welcomed over 45 speakers and approximately 1000 participants.
Day 1: The Natural Resource Addition: The Foundation for Diversified Economic Growth

Mining is often the first source of significant economic development in a country. When correctly done the resource curse becomes the resource boom. Through supply chains come new businesses and human flourishing. Discover best practice models that deliver investor returns, while enabling new domestic markets in Africa.

Topics and themes: mining value addition, supply chains, mining as a foundation for economic growth, resource addition versus extraction; inherent best practice for environmental and social wellbeing in the mining industry.

Day 2: Building Communities – Canada-Africa Business that serves the Common Good

Good business practices respects ‘the local’ - which endures long after the life-cycle of a single investment. Discover commerce that serves the common good, with attention on what lessons can be learnt from the billions that have flowed into African markets already - via the Toronto Stock Exchange, as well as the Canadian firms that have been embraced for their problem-solving and core values.

Topics and themes: mining as a template for other industries to scale across Africa (lessons learnt); private investment, successful local entrepreneurs in the supply chain; conservation; sustainability; gender equality.

Day 3: Unlocking the World’s Growth Engine: Achieving the African Continental Free Trade Agreement

The AfCFTA went into effect on 1 January 2021, exceeding expectations from Afro-pessimists that such an agreement was even possible across all 55 African Union member states. The world’s most exciting free trade area represents the greatest potential for growth on earth.

Discover Canada’s role in the historic deal; how private equity and institutional investors are gearing to de-risk to participate in major projects, and discover how Canada-Africa collaboration can forge unprecedented trade and investment diversification – in line the policy aspirations of Canadian and African leaders.. 

View the 2020 program schedule

Virtual Venue: 6ix represents Canadian technology for investor relations. Their cutting-edge platform played host to last year’s proceedings, professionally managing back-end logistics and coordination for each session, switching not only between virtual speakers and panels, but live venues in Canada and Africa – seamlessly and with incredible optics that transcend the ‘Zoom fatigue’ characteristics of many virtual events. We are proud to host the virtual component of the event ‘at 6ix’ this year.

In-person venues (subject to rules and guidelines)

In-person venues in Canada and on the African continent which are socially distanced.

The location is a first proposal and subject to likely change, given demand for the event’s Africa venue to be located elsewhere on the African continent. Africa Accelerating 2021 had a French-language component in the program. In line with the Chamber’s bilingualism, a Francophone country venue in Africa is also under strong consideration.


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