Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect with fellow members as a corporate member?

You can request a meeting with fellow members, working through the Business Development and Partnerships Manager, Toye Abioye ( At Chamber events there is also ample opportunity for networking with other members as well. We have a database of over 11 000 people who have participated in our events as members, partners or guests of members and partners.

Does the Chamber primarily cover mining as a focus area?

Canada has led in mining, but this by no means exclusive.

The Chamber covers all sectors and in recent years has included among other: financing clean energy projects; agriculture; energy; oil and gas; ICT; public private infrastructure projects; informal sector supply chains; water quality management; risk insuring investment; new economic policy announcements from governments (including the launch of Senegal’s New Economic Policy); critical metals; risk analysis; logistics; market-solutions through business for carbon emissions reductions; institutional investment by pension funds and private equity firms; start-up investments and venture capital; free trade; opportunities for women-led companies; and exporting.

Can members attend all events?

Members are welcome at Chamber events that are open to all members. Members enjoy the benefit of arranging private events - at an additional cost - to which the member or sponsor determines the composition of attendees, which may or may not include other members of The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business. Most private events are not listed online, while a few are opened up to fellow members.

How does the Chamber determine its focus areas or sectors?

Focus is demand-driven, determined by our members. All topics are proposed in conjunction with our members on an individual basis, working with each member company or organization.

Is the Chamber a lobby or advocacy group?

The Chamber is not a lobby group and has a mission broadly-defined for increased trade and investment between Canada and African markets. We do however serve as an exchange to discuss ideas on strategy and public policy, without endorsing any specific position or approach.

Policy makers and fellow business associations have engaged the Chamber specifically to understand the discussions, policy ideas and strategies which have been presented, debated and curated at our events. For example: The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business congratulates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, underscores policy commitments on Africa

Who are active Chamber partners?

Global Affairs Canada, MineAfrica Inc, APO Media Group, 6ix, The Southern Africa-Canada Chamber of Commerce and McGill University.

How are Chamber partners determined?

Chamber partners are those with whom we can work to accelerate our mission. They are approved at our board level.

Who are Chamber partners and how do I become one?

Chamber partners work on a case-by-case basis aligned to our mandate through shared responsibilities for specific events and event programs. Chamber partners are approved at the board level and proposals are received on an ongoing basis.

Do you administer grant funding or scholarships?

While the Chamber does not do so directly, our members, partners and sponsors have ensured access to thousands of participants in Chamber events, in addition to enormous impact in the communities in which they work.

What is your relationship with governments and policy makers?

The Government of Canada is a partner in specific events through Global Affairs Canada. Various African governments are members through their local Embassies and High Commissions. We do not take grant funding from governments but provide services available to the public and private sector alike through organizing events. 

The Chamber is non-partisan and abides by all the laws of Canada as a proudly independent, non-governmental, Not-for-Profit; this includes adherence to all applicable foreign policy legislation and/or rules on engaging in and with counterparts in any given jurisdiction.

We believe in the dignity of every human person and the recognition of fundamental human rights that result from this position.  

Can I get free membership or services from the Chamber?  

We sustain our operations by membership income and the event services provided to our members. Thousands who are not members do nevertheless benefit from many existing events which our members sponsor and open to all.

Can someone else sponsor my membership of the Chamber?

Yes, this is certainly possible. Please indicate your sponsor and we will invoice accordingly with a written email confirmation from the sponsor.

Can I join as an individual member and what are the benefits?

Yes, individual membership permits you to attend up to four events per year (excluding the annual Mining Breakfast during PDAC which is an additional cost). 

I have a free service, conference, product and/or service that can benefit Chamber members. Do I still need to join?

Yes, we sustain our operations as a member-based organization, and members share this common commitment to the Chamber among each other. Membership fees go toward meeting the cost to make it possible to run the Chamber in the first instance - allowing us to offer the various services we do each year, thereby sharing the many opportunities members and partners provide.

Membership Information:

For more information, please contact us:

Garreth Bloor, President 


Samantha Mandigora, Head of Operations


Toye Abioye, Head, Business Development & Partnerships



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