Mr. Agostinho Vuma

Agostinho Zacarias Vuma, is the President of the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA), a Mozambican businessman with interests and investments in the areas of civil construction, real estate, energy, tourism, manufacturing and other related areas. He runs his second term in this position, after being re-elected on December, 2020.

He has held several positions of trust in companies and public and private entities, namely, Administração Nacional de Estradas (ANE), Confederation of Contractors of CPLP, GAPI Sociedade de Investimentos, SA, and PLAMA. He is also a Member of the National Parliament.

At the national level he is also a member of the Parliament, in his fourth term, where, apart rom representing a political party, he also uses his position to bring the voice of the private society, thus influencing positively the approval of norms that play a major role in bringing about changes in the economic legislation and influence a better business environment in Mozambique.

His contribution has been to advocate for the application of greater transparency and equity in the law of contracting the supply of public goods and services and the creation of favorable conditions for the improvement of the business environment, for the development of the private sector, making it strong, inclusive, socially responsible and capable of influencing economic reforms for the emergence of a robust private sector.

At the international level, he is a member of the African CEOS Hall of Fame and has received the African Leadership Medal of Honor from African Leadership Magazine on the sidelines of the last UN General Assembly Session. Tektrónica, of Portugal, which was repeated in 2018 by the two weekly newspapers, namely, Magazine and Zambeze, elected him Personality of the Year 2017, from Mozambique.

Presently he acts as the Champion of the SBN Network for Nutrition, bearing the challenge of working for actions that strengthen the national food situation, sustainable business development and the improvement of the business environment.

He also acts as the President of the Lusophone Agricultural Chamber, an organization of the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries) business sector, with a seat in FAO (United Nations Fund for Agriculture) and wicho advocates for greater sustainability of agriculture in the Community.

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