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PROWATER CONSULTORES, LDA, is a Mozambican consultancy company specialized in community and social development the water and sanitation sector, mainly working in projects funded by national and international, public and private agencies. Founded in 2008 as subsidiary of an International company (initially named Cowater Consultores Lda.), PROWATER CONSULTORES LDA has access to a range of highly experienced consultants and experts in several areas of application of the company. Although only a few years since its foundation, PROWATER benefits from the ability and competence of its key staff, which have been working in the Water Sector in Mozambique for over 24 years in the management, implementation and evaluation of development projects and programs.

PROWATER CONSULTORES LDA, offers different services such as formulation of policies, development and implementation of projects as well as needs assessment, surveys, evaluations and training activities. PROWATER emphasizes human, community and institutional training using a structured approach to change which establishes the link between its technical capacity and customer needs.


PROWATER strongly believes in participatory principles in development processes which encourage players to establish and ensure the sustainability of actions undertaken.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to provide consultancy services of high quality, supporting social and economic development and good governance.
  • Our mission is to cultivate self-reliance and sustainability through participatory development.
  • Our regulations are transparent, efficient, which promote accountability and respect for the priorities and needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

PROWATER through its personnel presents all necessary knowledge, skills, experience, expertise and organizational capacity to successfully implement any development project in the water sector and related areas.

The following areas highlight our ability to successfully execute any project in order to exceed customer expectations:

  • We have a qualified team to undertake different projects as a result of our knowledge, expertise, experience and commitment to provide consultancy services;
  • Our perception of the work: our perception and appreciation of work and services required and flexibility in our approach as well as our commitment to the challenge assure the  success in meeting  expected results;
  • Methodology: Our methodology and technical approach complies with the client requirements and culminates in achieving objectives and outcomes of all requested services;
  • Team Leaders, Experts and Support Staff: Our team members and associates have significant experience in their fields of expertise, as well as qualifications for each of the services requested. We have the human resource capacity to meet our customers’ requirements with regard to team work; and
  • Experience: staff involved in all projects implemented have relevant experience gained from similar past projects, which enables us to implement any projects successfully.


Full Name:                              PROWATER CONSULTORES, LDA

Date of Creation:                   June 2008

Head Office Address:           Av. Karl Max, Nr 1831, 1St Floor - Right

Communication:                    Tel +258 21320505 or +258 845958512

                                                Email address:

Field of activity:                    Consultancy

No of current employees:    3 permanents, 4 support staff and 28 on contract

Main Areas of Activities:      Water supply and sanitation; Institutional capacity building and

of Business                           community development.


We offer a team of experts who possess the combination of knowledge and experience in water supply and sanitation, with solid knowledge in implementation of projects, supervision of construction, capacity building, assessments, baseline and KAP surveys, strategies and policies related to water supply and sanitation, as well as community mobilization activities using Demand Responsive Approach and CLTS approach.

Institutional capacity building and community development

PROWATER CONSULTORES, LDA provides advisory services on approaches to community and rural development and provides specialized services in the following:

  • Gender equality
  • Institutional analysis and strengthening capacities
  • Social communication
  • Rural development and community mobilization
  • Participatory approaches
  • Social-economic assessments and surveys
  • Health and HIV/AIDS
  • Technical assistance and strategy development

Our web site in under repair, but you could also join us on Facebook under : Prowater Consultores Lda

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