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Alicia Heraz, CEO helps small businesses attract more customers online with unique, innovative, and non-intrusive emotion AI analytics. Emaww tracks only the gestures of website visitors on touchscreen devices to understand their emotions and helps digital marketers and content creators optimize the design and topics of their website to increase conversions and sales.

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AJ Bird, CEO

ROCarbon Labs

We founded ROCarbon Labs after the release of the latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report that states we have less than 12 years to mitigate the most devastating effects of climate change.

Our team is on a mission to help the world transition to a low carbon economy.

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Anna Murphy, CEO

PIR Commercial Ltd

PIR Commercial Ltd. provides consulting in Commercial Real Estate, Infrastructure, IT & Renewable Energy Sectors which includes creating & advising on tailored strategies based on the clients project/s or investment criteria. PIR Commercial provides specialized knowledge in all major asset classes in Commercial RE, & it's clients span globally. 

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Anu Bidani, CEO

STEM Minds

STEM Minds is a BCorp certified social enterprise on a mission to create the next generation of global STEM leaders. Our vision is to build a world where every child has the opportunity to be STEM literate. We provide parents, schools and educators with cutting edge STEM content and learning experiences for children ages 4-18. Our advanced STEM curriculum includes an evolving range of dynamic virtual classes and on-demand courses through our flagship platform: STEAM Hub, designed and delivered by certified teachers and STEM professionals. Read More


Carolina Betancourt,


Solaires Entreprises Inc. is a Canadian cleantech company located in Victoria, BC. that consists of a team of 23 scientists, engineers, and business professionals who are passionate about creating innovative solutions to address climate change. Solaires is focused on innovative and sustainable solar cell technology to create the next generation of solar cells that enables clean power generation from any surface facing the sun. Solaires has developed a patent-pending Solar InkTM to replace silicon solar cells with perovskite. 

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Laura Pisa
Operations Manager

Electrosa Group

Electrosa Group is engaged in research & development, engineering, production, distribution, innovation, and technology products and solutions. One of Electrosa Group’s new projects is VRium Robotics and VR Amusement Park opening in Baldwin County, Alabama.

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Mary Clark

Agents of Discovery

Agents of Discovery is an educational mobile gaming platform that uses augmented reality to engage learners. We empower educators in all sectors to turn the world into an active, fun, and safe learning environment. 

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Susan Handrigan, President

Canada World Youth

Canada World Youth (Jeunesse Canada Monde) is guided by the belief that an empowered mind can change the world. For 50 years this non-profit organization has provided transformative and experiential learning opportunities for youth in 70 countries. Informed by the UN’s sustainable development goals, CWY-JCM developed four mission pillars, with youth at the center: 1) Empowerment and experience for Indigenous communities; 2) Sustainable livelihoods and entrepreneurship; 3) Empowerment for young women and girls; and 4) Environmental sustainability. CWY is currently working in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

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Tamey McIntosh


BR[AI]YT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company based in Ottawa, Canada that focuses
on computer vision solutions, an AI field that enables systems to derive meaningful
information from images, videos and other visual inputs, and to take actions or make
recommendations based on that information BR[AI]YT’s solutions expand across sectors
with particular expertise in the retail industry and active surveillance

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Megan Bassendale

Forensic Guardians International Consulting Inc.

Forensic Guardians International is a global identity and fatality management company. We provide professional services, product solutions and a risk management tool, Identity Guardian. We work with international organizations to develop programs, policies and frameworks around emergency response, supply products for fatality management and help organizations mitigate risks associated with deploying employees to high risk environments with Identity Guardian. 

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Layla Nasr

CEO of Makila AI

Makila AI develops predictive analytics and simulation solutions, powered by artificial intelligence. Data analytics and data modelling allow MAKILA to generate concrete and relevant information that holds the key to future business decisions. The solution covers all aspects of simulations and predictive analysis related to the financial health of the company, business performance, commissions, headcount, compensation and professional equality. Since its foundation in 2017, Makila AI has developed a client base consisting of public sector organizations and large corporations in North America and Europe.

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Audrey Mascarenhas


Questor creates innovative technology that helps companies meet their emissions reduction targets. The clean technology solutions have the ability to virtually eliminate waste gas pollution from industrial production.

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Josephine Yam - CEO & Co-Founder

Skills4Good AI

Josephine Yam is the CEO & Co-Founder of Skills4Good AI, a one-stop platform for privacy & AI compliance designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We help SMEs comply with rapidly emerging global privacy & AI regulations in a seamless and cost-effective way. Our platform leverages tech automation with best-in-class consulting.

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Founder and CEO

Okiki Consulting

We empower entrepreneurs to present their personal brands virtually, including content strategies to communicate to target audiences and increase inbound leads. Read More

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Joan Zhao


SunHub Inc. is designed to be a grassroot world organization, a think & act tank, a for-profit social enterprise community. We cultivate ourselves, whether academics or practitioners from diverse sectors, to become Intersection Leaders

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Archita Ghosh - Co-Founder

E.D. Films

Multi-disciplinary animation boutique studio that makes short and long films, animation tutorials and innovative animation tools, including VR, immersive experiences for galleries, museums and more.

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Natalie Ashdown - COO


Biomaterials with renewable bio content, pro-biotic technology for odor control in athletic & footwear products.

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Linzi Shang - Director of Operations

Gallea Art Gallery

The largest online art network in Canada and a network of exhibition venues that makes art accessible everywhere.

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Connie Stacey - Founder

Growing Greener

Provides world class energy storage solutions for community, commercial and residential use. Growing Greener has developed an industry-leading Smart Switch control system that monitors, optimizes and organizes grid-tie and off-grid renewable energy generation systems.

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 Shenara Da Silva
Business Analyst

Guardian Electronic Records

Guardian Electronic Records

The Canadian Electronic Health Information System Ltd offers an integrated approach to supporting health professionals in starting and
running efficient health-based businesses. We offer cloud-based web applications, continuing competency courses, and digital practice

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Katherine Walker - President

Industrial Web Apps

Industrial Web Apps helps companies achieve their digital transformation goals. Their flagship application, SHORE (share and store) is a cloud-based electronic platform that supports the global movement toward a paperless environment by managing Content, Documents, Data Input, Media, Workflow and more, from a central repository rather than from dozens of different locations or multiple systems. 

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Lori Pecorilli - Co-Founder

Latium Technologies

Latium Technologies provides a suite of Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart Job Site solutions specifically for the industrial sector. Combining cutting edge wireless sensory telemetry devices, resourcing tools, & edge computing with on-demand expertise to help clients mitigate risk, reduce expenses, and improve operational efficiency. 

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Isabel Hoffman - Co-Founder


Tellspec is a data company that has created a nutritional scanner. They offer real time, affordable, reliable food analysis.

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Annick Kwetcheu Gamo



Code F. Technologies financière Inc. develops and offers innovative and independent financial education and coaching solutions to help citizens improve their financial health. This, while promoting sound personal financial management. Code F is currently developing an application that will use artificial intelligence to support and guide citizens in making better financial decisions and developing financial resilience.

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Tishya Swami

Co-Founder and Director


Cosmic Clean Energy is an emerging independent solar power producer (IPP) based in Toronto and Cape Town and provide fully funded affordable solar power solutions to commercial, industrial and government organizations.

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Emilie Auclair. International Business development Manager & Partner


Soluxium Technologies is a young and dynamic company motivated by the desire to offer green, efficient, sustainable and creative solutions to an ever-growing need: access to electrification through renewable energy.

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Joanne Granoski - President

Whyte Communications Fleet Inc

WCI specializes in the supply, installation and repair of sirens, light bars, radios and other critical enforcement systems for emergency vehicles. Clients include the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Edmonton police and companies in the transportation industry.

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