Headline Sponsorship: Africa Accelerating 2023

Our annual Canada-Africa conference, Africa Accelerating, is the highlight of the year for the Canada-Africa Chamber of Business; the flagship event we work toward throughout the year that is widely attended.    

It is also a vital program for the sustainability of our organization and the mission to accelerate Canada-Africa trade and investment, cross-subsidizing the operations for the entire year as a Not-for-Profit that seeks to serve the business objectives of members and guests, who span decision-makers across the private and public sector.

The annual conference in recent years has been opened by the Prime Minister of Canada and a counterpart Head of State representative or designate, who is co-invited together with the headline sponsor.

Furthermore, the headline sponsor is recognized for their centrally important role in our far-reaching work, which includes thought leadership as part of the exchange of information on a host of topics – sought by decision-makers in the private and public sectors through an open and dynamic forum.

In our 29-year history, the 2023 Africa Accelerating is excited at the prospect of headline sponsorship by an African institution or company - enabling three days of programming in Toronto, with plenaries live broadcast and carried in print and television media.

The 2022 conference held in Johannesburg, included opening addresses from Prime Minister Justine Trudeau, the President of the Republic of South Africa, H.E. Cyril Ramaphosa and business leaders - bringing together the ‘who is who’ as Canada’s current Trade Minister put it, when referring to the leaders who we are privileged to welcome to our programs.

The headline sponsor works with us on the theme and duly receives the name recognition in all marketing and communications that is certainly well-merited for their vital role.

Examples could include the following wording in the annual conference title:

Africa Accelerating 2023

Brought to you by the [Company Name]

Beyond the brand value, we are proud to work with the headline sponsors on:

  • Co-curation of the program title 
  • A dedicated 45-minute panel 
  • One panelist per session designated by main sponsor for one panel per day
  • Invitations extended to other high-level invitees or speakers, as designated by the main/headline sponsor.

Headline Sponsor Benefits also include:

  • Primary mention in all media (we receive an average exposure of US$2 million to $4 million per press release) and planned program of 10 media announcements.
  • Mention of Africa Accelerating 2023 always with reference to the headline sponsor in communications.
  • Logos on the Chamber letterhead, website and all Chamber materials, including the newsletter, where appropriate from immediate acceptance of the proposal until the conclusion of the conference and in all subsequent reporting on the conference.
  • Full participants list with full contact details (subject to Canadian Privacy Laws).
  • Listing as Premier Sponsor with dedicated email to Chamber database of 12,500 contacts.
  • Eight free guests at in-person Chamber member Chamber events per year.
  • Free listing of your events and news items of interest to our members on our website.
  • The option of a dedicated sponsor webpage on canadaafrica.ca, maintained by the Chamber with all news and information, videos and announcements.
  • Brand of main sponsor, at all Chamber events until 31 October 2024
  • One representative at the head table at all Chamber events until October 31, 2023
  • Notification of opportunities and special events of specific interest to your organization
  • Co-ordination of meetings with any in-person guests attending Africa Accelerating 2023, including public and private sector counterparts.
  • Headline sponsorship of the Annual Indaba Reception, taking place on the final day of the Africa Accelerating conference.

The conference theme is a key part of the co-curation of the conference.

Previous themes include:

Leading from Africa: Toward a new global era enabled through Canada-Africa Collaboration (2022)

Africa's Economic Restart after COVID:19 - The Vital Role of Canada as Africa's Trusted Partner (2021)

The headline sponsor for Africa Accelerating 2023 enjoys pride of place and due recognition not only for their vital role not just for the conference, but the entire organization-at-large. Our extensive programming throughout the year is freely made available to thousands on the continent and in Canada (primarily virtually), in addition to the VIP in-person proceedings of our year-round events. 

For premier headline sponsorship, the cost is $120,000.00. 

Provision and responsibility for the venue for the three-day program is undertaken by The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business in Toronto.

The venue is defined as the conference facility, all AV (including for livebroadcasts for television) catering for the conference program and refreshments, including daily meals, as well all logistical requirements for the delivery of the conference. These aspects of the event have all been secured and confirmed for this year, as covered in the media announcement of the conference dates last week, which itself attracted USD 4 607 837 of PR value (reports are available on request and sent to all headline sponsors for every media release).

Please email president@canadaafrica.ca 

To partner or for more details contact Garreth Bloor:

Garreth Bloor


The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business

Tel: +1.647.667.1223

Email: garreth@canadaafrica.ca

Manulife Building RTO, 55 Bloor Street West, PO Box 19553
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3T9

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